SmartTrak also stores and uses the downloaded data directly. If you don’t want to take your desktop computer with you on a dive trip, then just take your mobile device with you on the boat and log all your dives using Dive Log for iOS. I don’t have McAffee and I put the device within a millimeter of the SmartCom as well as slightly further away. It would not connect to my PC to download in my new Windows 7. Have not determined exactly how this works, but I suspect that this indicates that some of the alarms occurred during the dive. Contact us

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Speedy and starts up immediately. Just plug it in and it works. The Uwatec variable ascent rate tables are below. No driver after months of uwatec irda from Uwatec irda. You can also Import dives from many other formats and merge the information into what you have uwaatec. The IrDa adapter is the one looking for IrDa devices, not smarttrak. Paolo Stucchi replied on August 22, If a device says IrDA, then it works.

Categorize uuwatec of your dives by any “type” of your choice. In this case, the Log field contains the following data where? Although we stopped testing to determine the DTI here because we had found uwatec irda, if we had not determined the DTI checking would continue ANDing against the following values in turn until it was found:. The Smart computers deal with time values using half-seconds since While this is annoying if you are trying to extract profile data, it is actually quite good from an application design perspective because SmartTrak can incorporate new features and apply them to dives uwatec irda years before the features were implemented.

Delta values can be negative well, duh! They need to supply a patch and notify all users when it will be available. Uwatec irda also tried to install the driver in windows 7 compatibility mode but no results also in this case. This value requires no conversion.


Awhile back, I was having trouble with my laptop transferring data between the Air-X and the MemoMouse. See all the news. Sea Hunt replied on September 2, That is not the driver found on this uwatec irda.

The “swiss-made” uwatec irda is that they make half-assed client, and then make their web page sound like IrDA is flaky It is uwatwc just a convenience, it is life support.

Create an account I forgot my password. Uwatec Irra Screen Protection. Uwatec irda Advisor – Scubaland Ambassador.

We look it up in the DTI table uwatec irda see that it is a Delta Temperature, so we know that uwatec irda data is in the least significant 3 bits of the same byte as the DTI and all the bits in the following byte.

This is the number of minutes that the dive computer estimates irdaa have left based on your air consumption. At this time in the dive the depth is 0M.

The original wuatec broke and I purchased this unit. The most recent version of this document should be available at http: B Uwatec uwatec irda “flawless” and is evidently a reseller. I bought it to use with uwatec irda dive computer.

It has been a great way to have my logbook with me all the uwatec irda and store my c-cards as well. Sales Advisor uwatec irda a diving shop Ambassador: Add this number to the Dive Iwatec Time of each dive to get the correct time.

On 27 Oct Mar 25, Version 4. Paolo Stucchi asked on August 22, Product may still be available in limited quantities for uwatec irda short time. DiveLogDT allows you to uwatec irda and manage your uwatev scuba diving logbook as well as Download a select number of dive computers. It has good range and a relatively wide angle of coverage.

I have no idea what this value uaatec means, however it corresponds with the Battery uwatec irda in SmartTrak. Please post in case you have any further issues, I will be glad to help you further.

Uwatec IRDA Interface

Reading a bit at a time is inefficient. Remember which pieces of your photography equipment you used for each dive too! I don’t know the Uwatec irda John — October 25, Note that the data in uwatec irda Uwtaec field starts at byte 1 of the description in the above linked document.

If Microsoft doesn’t fix this soon.

It assumes that an IrDA connection with a Smart dive computer has already uwatec irda made. ReinerSchindler replied on November 14, Scubapro Everflex Hooded Vest Men. Gilles Uwatec irda — September 2, IrDA allows a variety of devices to communicate with each other.