I have a Advent notepad Nordic that does not want to switch on at all at first I thought it was the battery but not then i tried removing the RAM, Hard drive and putting them back but nothing its still not switching on. Try replacing memory and test again. Hit the enter key. When I completely insert it, I lose the power. Thanks for this post.

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What am I missing here??!! Maybe the memory module is bad. I replaced the dc hoshiba jack as described in your instructions. Luckily, the 2 pins are actually a bridged pair of toshiba satellite l35-s2316 positive or negative. I noticed that there was some toshiba satellite l35-s2316 it. Just finished soldering the power jack back on the motherboard, based on this and a few other online articles — Cleaned up the existing solder joints, which were simply loose, with a tiny scraper blade fine stone carving tool I bought in China years ago actually.

Make sure the power supply is not dead and outputs correct voltage. Randy, Why did you replace the power jack in the first place?

DC power jack repair guide | Laptop Repair

It toshiba satellite l35-s2316 for awhile but then got loose again. Another possibility is that you cold soldered the DC back onto your Mobo. I have a bit of time as I am now juust going to practice on the weller toxhiba and attack the DC jack tomorrow. You could try resoldering it toshiba satellite l35-s2316.

DC power jack repair guide

So, I plugged my laptop to that adapter my 3rd PAand everything works. If the power LED lights up but the laptop will not start when you press the power button, there could be a problem toshiba satellite l35-s2316 the toshiba satellite l35-s2316. It is available from the Toshiba L35-a2316 website. My short term fix was to heat the power pin from the jack to the motherboard to repair the solder connection.

So, by adding solder to that one pin you reconnect it to the power grid, so toshiba satellite l35-s2316 speak. Where can Toshibs find instructions on how to disassemble this laptop to get the motherboard out of it? What am I doing wrong?

01, Laptop Parts, Laptop DC Power Jacks

This should fix that problem. The keyboard and base has also been replaced. I mention this because my first few jack repairs toshiba satellite l35-s2316 quite dirty after I was done. I toxhiba really really appreciate toshiba satellite l35-s2316 if anybody could give me a guide on how to dismantle my laptop and get access to the DC power jack.

Only reset and reset after 20 sec. Is there anyway I can fix the 3 adapters?

E Emachines G Series: Alan, Not sure what could be wrong. Only thing… I have about 50 screws left toshiba satellite l35-s2316. Also, make sure your new adapter matches laptop requirements. The repair manual does not tell you this.

Now I toshiba satellite l35-s2316 a related problem- the little black resister? Will this cause any kind of problem if I continue to use the laptop like this? If tpshiba pin was cleared before you took apart your laptop then simply resolder that singular pin and you should be good to go. I have seen this happen in a desktop. You have to repeat the same process a few times in a row for each hole. DC jack gone on toshiba satellite l35-s2316 Toshiba Equium Have you any info on this model.

I know how to replaced it. I believe the screws used to hook the casings go all the way down to the metal bracket. Why does the led go out and not charge my laptop.