Does anyone else have any ideas on my laptop? Farid January 3, Take it to a Toshiba service center and let them to fix your problem. The laptop starts fine when it is plugged. If you have enough RAM installed already, test your hard drive. I have a toshiba satellite MS unit.

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I was just about ready to throw it away last week when I remembered an old trick we used to use for many toshiba satellite a135-s4467 batteries that were losing their charge: I have soldered things before, but never a motherboard.

I have a Toshiba AS Purchasing a Toshiba was probably one of the worst and costly mistakes I have made. If it is possible, toxhiba let me know the toshiba satellite a135-s4467 place to connect anti-static wrist strap to the notebook computer. When Unplugged, keyboard is working. Can you boot from ERD disk again?

BIOS Setup / BIOS settings — access instructions

This could be hard drive failure. Hey Mark, May be your problem somehow related to a failed power jack?

Took the opportunity to give the insides toshiba satellite a135-s4467 good cleaning anyway. Have you tried contacting them? My Bios is up to date also. Does satelite start at all when the battery is removed? The battery just does not appear toshiba satellite a135-s4467 accept the charge, and dies after 2 minutes. There is no easy answer to your question.

Toshiba Satellite A105 battery charging problem

Stephanie August 5, toshiba satellite a135-s4467 My battery is completely drained now, but the last time it worked I remember plugging it in and noticing that it was not charging. Judy, I am not an expert but toshiba satellite a135-s4467 you took apart the computer and unhooked the display cable there was another black wire secured by a screw. If you have any extra memory stick installed, remove it and start the laptop without it.

In this case you can try to replace the Toshiba satellite a135-s4467 fan without disassembling the entire unit. I had the power jack problem before and all toshiba satellite a135-s4467 a sudden the shutdown problem started yesterday. First try, I got full display on its laptop screen, but for a split second. Suddenly within 15 minutes of being powered up the screen went blank.

Press on Fn first and hold it down, then tap on Toshiba satellite a135-s4467 for toshibz few times. When I wiggle a little the light goes on to show it charging.

I do it myself each satelllte I have to reapply thermal grease on a CPU. If you still experience the same problem, apparently toshiba satellite a135-s4467 have a bad motherboard. Fred November toshiba satellite a135-s4467, How to troubleshoot and fix laptop video problems Laptop has bad video on the LCD screen.

Although does look quite fun ;- Thanks again!

Toshiba suddenly shuts down by itself

toshiba satellite a135-s4467 Jeff, It is very possible that the laptop overheats. I have a Satellite P15, how do I clean the heatsink? Usually we replace the fan toshiba satellite a135-s4467 this case. Some times it boots on the first try. Probably bad AC adapter. I live in Singapore. If you see an invitation to press the F2 key to enter Setup, do so. Was going to pay pounds to get it fixed: Try reseating memory, moving it into another slot.