My power connector has broken on my Toshiba L — bought in january and still under warranty. All in all, easy fix overall since now I know. Laptop is Toshiba AS The instructions were great. I do have two small problems that I noticed after the repairs, and I did not know if you had any information about them:. D instead of the 2. Most likely some people can afford to wait for days to get it fixed at no charge.

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Make sure all who has the L bend the long conductor like it says on the instructions, you will need every bit of space!

Toshiba drivers – Toshiba Sound Card Drivers

He was about ready to throw it away but thankfully he called me first and when I found these steps I knew this toshiba a105 s4334 all he needed. I toshiha hear the fan, the hard drive spin-up, and the DVD accessing, but absolutely nothing on the screen. I mailed it to a local authorized Toshiba center Northwest Computer Support and they replaced the bottom and power socket ttoshiba no charge.

But this info, and the specific part number to use, were perfect. toshiba a105 s4334

Works alot better on old eyes like mine and alot easier!! I forgot to add the nut before soldering the wires. And then a toshiba a105 s4334 of how to remove the flex connectors would also have been helpful…. I had this same problem with my Satellite The use of a Dremil toshiba a105 s4334 short,clean and accurate work enlarging the hole and removing the plastic material needed for the jack to fit properly.

I still s434 a month or something of my waranty, do you think it will cover it?

I have a Satellite LD S — one toshiba a105 s4334 away from one year warranty. Have just completed repairing my grandaughters Toshiba DC socket. I have used three different power supplies on both laptops and both laptops return the same result.

I consulted the comments and read about the screw under the RAM panel on the bottom of the laptop. Just be careful with those ribbon cables. I bought the parts to fix this with the co-axial solution, but am wondering if I might still have the same problem after toshiba a105 s4334 this.

If an external keyboard is attached to the notebook, either directly or via toshhiba docking station or a port-replicator, disconnect it.

Anyway, I am very toshiba a105 s4334 with this kind of support. Toshiba a105 s4334 course the big box store where I bought it as well as the repair shop suggested it would probably make toshiba a105 s4334 just to buy a new laptop. Followed the instructions to the T and my 9-year old is now a happy camper.

Thank you for all of your help. Used the same jack shown in the tutorial, but instead of enlarging the hole for the old jack Tsohiba was able to simply screw the new one in using a pair of pliers. Okay i did this mod, step by step. The rest easy sailing. It took my boyfriend and I 5 hours with breaks to replace toshba part.

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Toshiba a105 s4334 those not familiar, Radio Shack has these electronic pieces stored in these pull out draws. The owner of the laptop really is not giving me any help at all as she does not know what the symtoms where only toxhiba her children had been carrying it around by the cord!! So, other readers, if you get the same toshiba a105 s4334 I did, try re-seating your RAM.

No broken plastic or anything.

Just fixed the jack in my ps, worked great…. It worked perfectly for me. I actually tried to glue the powerjack back onto the side but it would not work unless a play around with the adapter for a very long time, i was wondering if the problem could be with adapter or could it be with my laptop itself. They were both satellites. Toshiba a105 s4334 i did this fix on my l all charges ok now. Removal of 2 of the 4 plug ins toshiba a105 s4334 the motherboard is not easy.

I have bought the same dc jack from yoshiba shack 3 times. You saved me big money.