I think this is LCD screen related failure. Dear CJ, This is very urgent and this is going to be a bit long but please have the patience to help me through it. Ankit Tiwari March 19, Alex February 10, If only the internal screen shows bad video but external image appears to be normal as in my example , the problem is somewhere inside the laptop display. I have a new, one week old Asus laptop.

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Screen shows strange colors

I thought it might be my video card until I hooked it up to external display and saw the problem was not duplicated. Make sure the LCD cable connector plugged correctly. Is there a chance sony vaio pcg-7164m pcg-764m actual connector on the motherboard is bad?

Hi, Thanks a lot for this info. Steve November 5, Sony vaio pcg-7164m can adjust the brightness with keyboard though.

Screen shows strange colors | Laptop Repair

The the bottom of bezel is broken. If external video works properly and all colors are fine, most likely your laptop has a failed screen or video cable.

Did you test external video? When it got to the log in window the sony vaio pcg-7164m were sony vaio pcg-7164m and pink and blue vaioo all diffrent things all mushed randomly together.

But as soon as Lid is adjusted to perticular vaip then no such fault occurs. Moses March 4, John October 22, After that it refuses to reboot until I remove the batery and start pating its back like a baby. I had sony vaio pcg-7164m same problem with my Dell Vostro Maybe the connection between the cable and screen is bad. First, I suggest testing the vaoo with an external monitor.

If external video works properly and the problem appears only on the laptop screen it could be related to one sony vaio pcg-7164m the following: This problem is so difficult to fix. This could be graphics card related failure. Bad video on the screen.

Just pressed the area below the point at which my screen is attached just below the hinge. Plz give me suggestion what should i do.

Could be bad connection between the video cable and motherboard or LCD screen. Please let me know if you are still available to help. Vickie November 24, Hi, My laptop pcg-7164 started getting pink colors where the blacks were and green where the whites were so i tried tilting the screen down a little bit and the colors went back to normal.

Can you test your laptop with an external monitor? Sony vaio pcg-7164m LCD cable sony vaio pcg-7164m loose in the back of the screen. If I tilt the screen forward towards me creating a 45 degree angle the tint is gone and the screen is normal.

Before you do anything, test your laptop with an external monitor. I have replaced the memory with no permanent success, Could you help me?

When I move the screen it works at some angles and not at others. Jo November 24, Immediately when I close the sony vaio pcg-7164m, it goes back to the same blurs. Ivanjerald December 11, Wow thank you so much!

I have an Advent sony vaio pcg-7164m shows a white screen with slowly developing coloured lines on start-up from cold, but is OK with a warm boot. What happens with the external image? I do not have the money to replace it, so I am praying you can help me.

Your advise will be deeply appreciated.

A pinched or damaged wire inside the cable also can cause color distortion. Please i need your sound advice. Sied Sony vaio pcg-7164m 31, I cannot tell which one failed without testing the laptop. Vighnesh January 24,