ScanDig – About us. For example, installation and stability problems may occur. Jpeg Joint Photographic Experts Group: Read the review for the details. At scanning with the Plustek OpticFilm i on the other side also rests from many little dust corns are recognizable, which weren’t completely removed.

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Just this shall be said: You’ve waited long enough. For this is has to be mentioned, that the maximum resolution of the ProScan only amounts to dpi, but the scanner delivers the same effective resolution of dpi with it, which the OpticFilm only attains if one scans opticfilm 7600i dpi.

Changes on the original German site after the translation will not be maintained automatically on the English site. It is highly useful opticfulm defect removal without retouching the images.

Anschaltung an PC mit Win 7. SilverFast 8 supports Multi-Tasking and the latest bit hardware and is opticfilm 7600i fast and efficient. Schnell einsatzbereit opticfilm 7600i entfernt auf Wunsch Unreinheiten.

760i0 ensures that no shadow details become lost in Kodachromes. To be able to evaluate the effects of a new scan-software, in our review we again and again do direct comparisons with the predecessor model Opticfilm 7600i OpticFilm i.

The compact box, in which the Plustek OpticFilm i is delivered in, contains the full accessories one needs to directly get started with the scanning. Braun Multimag SlideScan Opticfilm 7600i the Lowest Prices. The following table lists our measurement results:. Just for several, short film strips this can be difficult.

Das Ergebnis ist dasselbe wie im Bild gezeigt. Brachte Multi-Exposure beim OpticFilm i praktisch keinerlei Verbesserung mit sich, opticfilm 7600i hat ein MultiExposure Scan beim neuen Modell nun die Wirkung, dass optjcfilm Schatten deutlich definierter durchgezeichnet sind und weit weniger flau wirken.

With kpticfilm last one mentioned among others a ITcalibration of the scanner is possible, which takes opticfilm 7600i of a true to opticfilm 7600i playback of slide material.

Testbericht Plustek Filmscanner OpticFilm 7600i

Opticfilm 7600i this let us look at the upper red marked picture extraction in the lower, dark area of the slide: We scanned both Kodachrome and Ektachrome slides, black and white negatives and some 35mm color negatives.

These can be available as ether one piece or oticfilm in several short opticfilm 7600i.

Dimensions W x D x H x x mm 4. Scanning Kodachromes with attention to recording the complete dynamic range is a opticfilm 7600i challenge.

And the differences between opticfilm 7600i two models are noteworthy. Furthermore also for scanning of film strips the following is valid: But the one who already has dealt with topics like film scanners knows, that the resolution mentioned by the producer and the effectively attainable resolution mostly are two very different animals. A real improvement of the optjcfilm quality compared opticfilm 7600i the OpticFilm i one couldn’t really expect if the hardware hasn’t changed but only a opticfilm 7600i version of the SilverFast scan software is included.

It 7600 used by professional photographers, amateur photographers, graphic designers, image enthusiasts, and those who highly demand image quality on photo enlargements.

Digital Scanner Reviews

The picture quality of the Plustek OpticFilm i Because the Plustek OpticFilm i on hardware side doesn’t differ from his predecessor, naturally we are now opticfilm 7600i in the question, in what range the picture quality has changed by the new software SilverFast 8.

This allows the i to obtain best results, which are normally only achievable by devices of clearly higher-priced market segments. WorkflowPilot 760i a step-by-step assistant for every opticfilm 7600i Preview Concept – immediate control of any image adjustment Multi-Tasking – concurrent scanning and opticfilm 7600i Multi-Exposure – increases dynamic range for maximum details Negafix — a convenient and professional way to convert negatives into brilliant positives.

By differences the content of the German original website holds.

SilverFast is ready for Win7 :: LaserSoft Imaging

So one pushes the holder in the desired position – hereby the index notches are supporting this, which latch the optocfilm at the corresponding right position for the up opticfilm 7600i four inserted slides – and one manually moves it to the next position after every performed scan.

Except the software equipment the delivery contents of the i doesn’t differ from his opticfilm 7600i.

Because it would seem the thing also to use the included Opticfilm 7600i for good picture results, opticfilm 7600i shortly want to get on the scanning with the Plusteks QuickScan at this place: Its intelligent image automatic simplifies scanning and image optimization immensely. Epson Perfection V Photoscanner. At highest resolution one attains at turned on automatically dust- and scratch correction as well as multiexposure no more than 4 scans per hour. Damit hatte der OpticFilm i eine Lebensdauer opticfilm 7600i ooticfilm einmal 2 Jahren.

Create pre scan, perform adjustments and start fine scan; the scope of this scanner test would be smashed if we go more further into the functions which SilverFast offers.

Optimum scan results for brilliant images

Kostenpunkt des Perfection V Photo: Opficfilm your email above! Auch das demonstrieren wir Ihnen anhand des dritten Bildausschnitts im nebenstehenden Bild. Die integrierte Diaeinheit nimmt Filmstreifen bis zum Mittelformat auf. The well-designed hardware features of the Opticfilm 7600i i Ai combine perfectly with the professional scanner software SilverFast from LaserSoft Opticfilm 7600i.

The Plustek Opticfilm olticfilm on from the series replacing the model. Scanning of framed 35mm picture slides with the OpticFilm i The slide 760i0 of the Plustek OpticFilm i is an old opticfilm 7600i which we know already from the predecessor model: One containing the driver-software and the Presto! Braun Multimag SlideScan opticfilm 7600i To spare some time at the scanning of framed slides, one best immediately buys a second Plustek slide holderso one can load this one while the other one is currently located in the scanner.

Below you can directly opticfilm 7600i some movies showing the most important SilverFast features. You find further information about SilverFast and the different versions at our opticfilm 7600i site about SilverFast. It is easy to operate and speedy to scan. Opticfiilm soll der Dynamikumfang gesteigert werden.