On a brand new DVD drive you can change the region up to 5 times and after that it gets locked on the last region you set. July 27, at 6: As soon as a driver turns bad, the entire system integrity is jeopardized which may cause numerous failures. I have a laptop and the DVDrw drive has failed. Don’t forget, setting up the wrong driver ATI WDM Specialized MVD Codec Eliminating the functionality concerns that occur as a consequence of an out of date driver is achievable through getting hold of the most current products as early as is possible. Make sure you have the correct CD player if updating.

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PHILIPS 220SW (22inch LCD MONITOR 220SW9) – driver scan

I have an old ide drive in my laptop, which is also really old i. These screws appear to dcd much smaller than standard screws and I cannot seem to find them online, anywhere.

The core is covered by the stock 50mm fan, which should keep it purring along at reasonable temps.

I dont know- I am stumped at the factory installed method. August 17, at 4: February 10, at July 31, at Can you optoarc any part number on the failed DVD drive?


I was just wondering if the Dell Laptop DVD drivew are different than the ones in the pictures as they do not match the connectors on my Dell Latitude! I asked a question last month, but nobody replied. Optiarc dvd rw ad 7560a ata device laptop dvd drive has the slim atapi connector you show and the 2. What do you mean? Every GeForce3 card off the assembly line is inspected, tested, and initialed by a VisionTek employee. August 26, at February 3, at 8: These are NOT the screws used to hold the drive inside a laptop, these are the screws that connect mounting hardware to the optical drive itself said mounting hardware is then used by the external screws to hold the drive inside a laptop.

August 17, at Are you asking about the main battery, CMOS battery or what?

CD/DVD-RW optical drive | Laptop Parts

If you have any recommendations for a replacement drive, I would really appreciate it. This adapter will fit perfectly into the IDE cable. Does the right cable exist? November 3, at 8: August 22, at We now provide access to a multitude of drivers – easier than ever before.

I have a IBM R40 and would like to install a cd bunner the part I have now is a 08k do you know what the part is fgor a bunner I can use thank you, Tom. If the same disc works fine in another drive, most likely the problem is related to your drive.

Back Shortly Leave A Message. August 14, at 7: Optiarc dvd rw ad 7560a ata device 3, at October 10, at I was thinking even if I could get a cable that changes the slim atapi to a regular ide interface.

In the box you’ll find a colorful and well-detailed instruction manual, along with the installation CD. 77560a is a slot loader and when the disc goes inside, it seems to just spin and is not recognised.

Posted in Laptop parts. January 29, at Are you aware of where one may be able to be found? Different laptop might use different DVD drives.

September 11, at 1: