K56 The modem has connected to the line with K56flex modulation and modulation reporting is enabled. The quantity in the square brackets consists of a 3-element list freq1, freq2, dur , which can be used to send single or dual tones. Conexant strives to produce quality documentation and welcomes your feedback. This character can be used to edit a command line. The modem checks characters from the DTE first to see if they match the termination character S3 , then the editing character S5 , before checking for other characters. Some registers may not be written due to country specific PTT limitations.

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This is an intermediate result code for the modem because it cannot accept commands from the DTE while in online data state. Intermediate less than FCL timeout loss-of-carrier should be indicated by insertion of the SQ-BAD signal quality indicator hda cx11254 soft modem the received data stream.

Unsolicited result codes such as RING indicate the occurrence of an event not directly associated with the issuance of a command from the DTE. Information text responses consist of three parts: No editing is possible, and no termination character is necessary. If more data is received before five seconds elapse, the modem continues to transmit the data as described in the previous paragraph.

ATS7 establishes S7 as the last accessed hda cx11254 soft modem.

AT Command Sets for Modems with Conexant Chipsets

The result text may be transmitted as a number or as a string, also depending on a the V command setting. Parameter Set Command Syntax The definition of the parameter indicates, mmodem each value, whether hda cx11254 soft modem specification of that value is mandatory or optional. If the user wishes to enforce dial tone detection, a “W” can be placed in the dial string see D command.

Parameters may be “set” to store a value or values for later use”read” to determine the current value or values storedor “tested” to determine whether or not the equipment implements the parameter, and the ranges of values supported. See Xn for cx11245 result code subset enabling options. Start and stop elements are removed from the transmit data and added to the receive data. A compound value consists of any combination of numeric and string values as defined hda cx11254 soft modem the description of the action or parameter.


Sift an active connection This command is intended for use after call termination. If busy detection is enabled, the modem may terminate the call with the BUSY result code. If the Final Frame Bit is 1. Information in this document is provided in connection with Conexant Systems, Inc. The format of this response is described in the definition of the parameter. The best way to use this is to slow down your normal connection speed a bit so that you hda cx11254 soft modem a more stable connection which can actually often result in data moving faster and less dropped connections.

These control characters and their resultant action are described below. These characters will be selected from the following set: The actual state of PCM upstream is determined by the state of this command as well as hda cx11254 soft modem state of a negotiated handshake with a V.


A numeral indicates which less explicit message verbose or short form will be output for that X option. Should execution of a command result in an error, or a character be not recognized as a valid command, execution is terminated, hda cx11254 soft modem remainder of the command line is ignored, and the ERROR result code is issued. Thereafter, any unsolicited result codes should use the bit rate and parity of the last command line issued by the DTE to the modem.

Note that the DTE can adjust its own thresholds for flow control of data on received data from the modem. Call Setup Result Codes Code Definition 0 No previous call modem log has been cleared since any hda cx11254 soft modem calls 1 No dial tone cd11254 2 Reorder signal detected, network busy 3 Busy signal detected 4 No recognized signal detected e.

The ‘gate’ digit tone dialing only. TBD For the default setting. Words enclosed in [square brackets] represent optional items which may be omitted from the command line at the specified point. The modem can accept at least 40 characters in the body. Failure to make an MNP error-correction connection results in the modem hda cx11254 soft modem up. Any character entered during the connect sequence will abort the connection attempt.

Play silence with a duration of ms. Attempting to store a string value in a numeric parameter, or a numeric value in a string parameter, is an error. The time hda cx11254 soft modem be limited as it is a country dependent parameter. When such an aborting event is recognized by the modem, the modem terminates the command in progress and returns an appropriate result code to the DTE, as specified for the particular command.

The modem responds by sending the current values stored for the parameter to the DTE in an information text response.

Result Codes OK in V. Failure to make a reliable connection results in the modem hanging nodem. Reporting Current or Selected Value Command: Also, see Section 3. Execution of commands D and A, either as a result of a direct command or a re-execute command, will be aborted if another character is entered before completion of the handshake.

Upon completion of the dial function, a calling tone at Hz is transmitted, with a cadence of 0. The modem then transmits HDLC flags for a minimum of 1 second.

The DTE inactivity hda cx11254 soft modem operates only while the modem is off-hook. This ensures that these characters will be properly hda cx11254 soft modem even if they are set jodem values that the modem uses for other purposes.