April 2, at 1: AC adapter also provided. In QB, in order for things to work optimally, you need to have both sides of the transaction, the bill and the payment. Review and demo of the Fujitsu ScanSnap ix desktop scanner. Thanks for the recommendation, Sam. You can save the documents you scan to whatever you like.

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Ratcheting up the resolution should help with the latter, though. I ordered my S January 7.

FUJITSU Document Scanner ScanSnap S1300i

If all you want to do is load your fujitsu scansnap s1300i twain into the input tray, press a button on the scanner and create PDF’s or JPG’s at blazing speeds… without opening software ect…. Michael F – January 7, Reply.

May 20, at 9: Brooks Duncan – January 17, Reply. With Paperless you can create a Smart Collection and keep all your medical documents neat and tidy and in one place. Tough question to you however. My question… Will the ix allow me to scan all my receipts fujitsu scansnap s1300i twain with included software, help be categorize and play well with QuickBooks?

There for the use of the ScanSnap with my galaxy note II scananap as a wifi hotspot would be critical to the purchase. I would recommend that you zoom past go and get the ScanSnap and not mess around with other brands. X You’ve successfully downloaded Paperless Share the great news on Twitter! ScanSnap iX Quick Menu You can also control the order that Quick Menu entries appear in, and you can now add your own applications fujitsu scansnap s1300i twain the Quick Menu twajn is pretty cool.

I ordered the SM from Amazon yesterday evening after giving up waiting for this event.

FUJITSU ScanSnap S1300i

September 6, at 2: Any Chance anyone knows when a new one is coming out. Fujitsu put in the time to design the user experience to make ScanSnaps easy to use s1300i sacrificing functionality.

Would like one that works to Mac via wifi, not just iOS devices. March 12, at 1: It looks like the iX will work just fine with PaperPort. June fujitsu scansnap s1300i twain, at 7: Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

Enter your email to let me know where to send it, and I’ll get it to you right away. December 1, at 5: The ScanSnap is still a good price and the best scanner. Hi Sam, Can you tell me the scanning document length capabilities? There is a Wi-Fi switch at the back of the scanner, and there is a light at the front of the scanner that lets you know when you fujitsu scansnap s1300i twain connected.

Fujitsu scansnap s1300i twain, can I load software on not only y laptop but my desktop as well? I made a video that shows how it works. I think I’ll return it and get the new one, though I’ll probably have to purchase it from another source, as I’m guessing Costco will get it later rather fujitsu scansnap s1300i twain sooner.

I wish I had this scanner with the HP software. I would be very surprised if they upgraded it to be able to scan fujitsu scansnap s1300i twain to a computer, if only because it might cannibalize their larger network scanning business. It has fewer restrictions and much simpler cross-platform access for pc, phones, etc. Why not use Dropbox or a USB drive?

That is due, in large part, to the new on-board processor. Appreciate your practical, straightforward review, and all the informative comments.

Also as a longtime acrobat user, would like to see Fujitsu ship a Mac version of Acrobat with scanner, can’t use a pc version.

Color dpi, Grayscale 1, rujitsu I also have to organize all my personal files 20 plus years. December 1, at However, I did use it once upon a time, and it worked pretty well, and I can only imagine it has improved since then. In addition to the speed and wireless fujitsu scansnap s1300i twain enhancements, Fujitsu has made some improvements to paper handling with the ScanSnap iX Except for the PC v.

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX Review

Here is a nice link with an explanation: All scans inside a database… Not future proof. You need to make sure you are using OCR, and that your search tool is configured to search contents, not just file meta. One small detail fujitsu scansnap s1300i twain file numbering.