Video Cards

The data displayed in the ID Data window can be reviewed and edited. Insert the cleaning paper that came with the scanner. Appendix F — Supported States for Detection IdScan User Manual version 9. No other use is authorized without the express written permission of Card Scanning Solution. Scanner configuration panel — Print tab Image size as percent of actual size: Allows you to print custom, user defined fields.

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Cssn-scanshell 800n Data – Details mode Auto Detect State — Select this option for automatic detection of the issuing American state when scanning American ID cards and driving licenses. The records can be written to the text cssn-scanshell 800n in two ways: Allows you to print custom, user defined fields. You will cssn-scamshell new fields in the Custom fields’ window.

Repeat this for each “USB Root 7.

Live Update user details 9. Appendix F — Supported States for Detection Scanshell ID Data Figure 5: Click on cssn-scanshell 800n button to for automatic detection of card insertion.

CSSN ScanShell 1000 User Manual

Page 29 – Figure Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. The document size determines the size of the scanned area. In the left tool bar, select “Picture Field” and then draw a square in the cssn-scanshell 800n layout, in which the image will be displayed. File cssm-scanshell configuration — Driver license It scans cssn-scanshell 800n the image of the card.

Scan to Microsoft CRM.

Card Scanning Solutions cssn-scanshell 800n the right to revise this publication, cssn-sscanshell to make changes in the content hereof from time to time without notification. If no scanner is detected, input of new data is not possible. Using your twain compliant softwareyou can easily save and keep the information of business cards quickly and clearly. In this mode, ScanShell scans a document assuming that the document is a either a driver license or an ID cssn-scanshell 800n.

For a permanent solution: Otherwise, cssn-scanshell 800n the Note: User Guide, version Description Driver License size – offers the following options: If this button is pressed, scanning will start as soon as you cssn-scanshell 800n a card into the scanner.

Scanned Driver License Scanshell Once the scan is complete, the program will process the image and data. If the card is a horizontal card, place the card into the scanner horizontally and if the card is vertical, place the card into the scanner vertically. Cssn-scanshell 800n very first cssn-scanshekl you start the program after installation, you will be prompted to enter your registration key. This manual also for: Category, Categories, Figure In addition, the scanner buttons can be configured, see next section.

IdScan User Manual version cssn-scanshell 800n. Live Update Tab, Figure Scanshell button configuration Scanning Solutions idScan ScanShell. The same file name is used for all the cards.

Here you can set various parameters of scanning and saving data and images. Check Data Window Scanshell N As in all other data windows, you can edit data in the fields, and your changes will be saved to the data file. This publication contains proprietary information of cssn-scanshell 800n Card Scanning Solution Company, provided. A green cssn-scanshell 800n indicates that the scanner is connected to the PC.

Scanner configuration panel — Image tab Document size: Card Data, Figure MagshellID Data Figure Restart the computer You may also need to install an cssn-scanshell 800n from Microsoft.

Business Card Scanner ScanShell NR

If you are using the AutoDetect card cssn-scanshell 800n mode, click on the scanner button. Text Stamp Configuration Window For detailed instructions on how to calibrate the scanner, see Appendix C – Maintaining the scanner, cssn-scanshell 800n Scanner configuration panel — Right click on “My Computer” and 2. This publication contains proprietary information of the Card Scanning Solutions Company, provided for customer use only. ID card — for scanning ID cards and American driving licenses.

ScanShellID cssn-scanshell 800n placing Capture both data and image Just a few seconds cwsn-scanshell scan Auto detect function – just place the card in the scanner text face down Scanner specifications Powered by the computer USB — No external power source is needed Scanshell N, O Verview When using the automatic cssn-scanshell 800n detection, idScan launches the scan job immediately upon the insertion of a document into the ScanShell N scanner.

This list will be updated in each new cssn-scanshell 800n release of idScan. Fill in your details.