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Also i have seen used parts on ebay, is it worth buying or not? Anybody know where i should start to find the problem? Compaq dpwnload c Compaq presario,presario c Compaq presario,presario c Compaq presario,presario c Compaq presario,presario c Compaq presario,presario c I currently try to presqrio call of duty modern warfare 2. Now you can lift up mahual top side of the keyboard and access the connector underneath the keyboard.

Or is my laptop just getting old…. If those ports stopped working too, replacing the USB board will not help. The reason I ask is because the computer is saying to consider changing the battery.

I have a compaq presario f that needs a new cooling fan. To access update links for the operating system and other software provided on mnaual computer: You will not be able to fix this problem if you have tried everything and it says no sound card installed even compaq presario v6000 manual pdf download going through all the safe mode steps.

Try reconnecting both modules. Should I reseat something? What is your oppinion? The power light was turning on for a moment compaq presario v6000 manual pdf download then went off. I guess cause i smoke lol well it works perfect now thanks to you. I have a compac presario F lap top. I hope those guys checked the AC adapter.

Running the recovery disc will reinstall everything back to factory defaults. I can barely see commpaq on the screen.

The laptop is working great, but no sound. Hp compaq presario,presario srf: I used the heating gun for 3. Try removing memory modules one by one. Great, I ordered a new mainboard.

HP Compaq Presario,Presario CQ1569 User Manual

It depends on the model. I tried to restart memory and replace battery but nothing help. Can you start the laptop in Safe Mode? My question is does anyone know the button configuration to use so the laptop displays onto t.

How to disassemble Compaq Presario F700

The thermal pad was same width of the penny which made up for the difference in reaching the top of the gpu. So, now the power jack is pushed wayyy up in the port. OSD Main Menu is accessed.

T tried Any other words than the above are all accepted!!! When I removed the LCD there was the display compaq presario v6000 manual pdf download of wires and another very very thin pair of black and red wire wrapped in black tube. Try reseating memory modules.

Thanks so much for your great site and the help! Remove the memory cover and memory manuak and search for the sticker. My old Compaq Presario F has a problem.


This cable is plugged into connectors on the motherboard on both ends. If the monitor is not already on, press the power button to turn on the monitor. I have a Presario F Okay, although i did do that, now i have a replacement cable, and when i try to push it back in, its going to bend the pins on the end of the cable….

I know that sounds too simple, but DUH on me twice. You can access and replace the processor if you compaq presario v6000 manual pdf download the heat sink. I probed the leads to the power switch and found not voltage at all across the open switch.

Are there known issues mannual the f in this respect? These are suppose to happen because of the way HP made the laptops though!! I have adjusted the brightness so know that will not help it.

Presaio there something I can do to fix this? Also check the monitor’s video cable and make sure none of the pins are bent Make sure the HP monitor driver is installed HP monitor compaq presario v6000 manual pdf download are available at or on the monitor CD if one is provided. Connects the audio cable provided with select models to the monitor.