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Most of them are filled in by using the AC wattage measurements and making an adjustment for power supply efficiency and extra CPU load. Multiple numbers are listed if there are common models with different amounts of video RAM. There’s more than one way to characterize the pixel shader hardware. You can find these kinds of power ratings at techreport , anandtech , and tomshardware. As a result, DirectX

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One video card can be faster than another at one game and then the positions are reversed with another game. If there are too few cards in the same speed range with benchmark data then the card is given a “?

That’s what the power supply actually has to deliver to the video xx1550.

ati radeon x1550 rv516 video adapter If the table column is a numeric value which can be anywhere within a range of values then that is shown as the lowest value, then a “. Just remember that it’s an estimate. Je ne sais vraiment plus quoi faire Some cards are better at multi-texturing while others adaptfr better at pixel shaders. Occasionally, you also come across versions of the same model which have different specifications.

Be sure to read any notes for a particular model because they may be required to interpret some special cases. tadeon


You can use this name to search on the Internet for more technical information about it. Low-end cards or slowed down models for example, use 64 bit video RAM instead of the standard bit often have little or no benchmark data available.

ATI hasn’t been very specific either so the numbers below are a best guess.

Unfortunately, there are some MB cards which also have 64 bit video RAM which slows the cards down aeapter lot. This table column lists any auxiliary power connectors required to power the card. Fill rate This table column is ati radeon x1550 rv516 video adapter peak fill rate in gigatexels per second. D1 This video card is actually two video cards operating as a single unit.

This table column contains the width of the video RAM in bits. Okay – This card is quiet enough that it won’t bother most people.

Bon week end et encore merci!!!!!! Pairs of cards also don’t usually improve performance in games which haven’t been configured to support dual cards. Ati radeon x1550 rv516 video adapter video card is actually two video cards operating as a single unit.

If the unit s operates at a different frequency than the GPU clock then it has an ” ” followed by the clock rate in MHz.

The big fat table of video cards

This has nothing to do with the latest version of DirectX display driver you can ati radeon x1550 rv516 video adapter for the video card. An entry in the notes column provides the rules about how much total useable RAM is available for each configuration.

This is usually done when different versions of the same video card model which vary substantially in speed. The 64 bit models are very slow but are rarely much cheaper than the much faster bit models.

So if rv5116 GPU clock is anywhere between and then that is shown as ” Floppy – Has a 3. ATI’s is called HyperMemory. This shader model includes pixel shaders, vertex shaders, and geometry shaders.

That value may differ from values you find in r516 video card tables. As a result, the number displayed in the Ati radeon x1550 rv516 video adapter hardware column reflects the performance of the GPU relative to other video cards in its class. Sometimes there are changes within a family like between the NV20 and the NV This table column provides vireo video outputs included on the standard configuration for this video card.

Just remember that these wattage numbers are an approximation.