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They bind the body of fibers together and ensure coherence. He is also a contributor of Wikipedia.

Twist direction of Air Jet Spinning. On the other hand, the edge fibers which previously exhibited air jet spinning pdf download twist, relatively little twist, or even twist in the opposite direction receive twist in the direction imparted by the jet, as determined by the law of false twist; they are therefore wound around the parallel fiber strand. Because of this the Stwist from jet 2 propagates along the twisted ribbon and nullifies the Z-twist from jet 1, leaving air jet spinning pdf download S-twist to travel towards the nip line of the front roller.

Flowchart of Air Jet Spinning. He is working with one European textile machinery company as a country agent.

Air Jet Spinning

The ability of the vortex air jet spinning pdf download impart torque is so high that the turns of twist in the yarn run back to downloax drafting air jet spinning pdf download. Diagram of Air Jet Spinning The air vortex generated in this jet, with an angular velocity of more than 2 million rpm, twists the strand as it passes through so that the strand rotates along a screw-thread path in the jet, achieving rotation speeds of about rpm.

The fiber strand is therefore accelerated practically to full rotation speed as soon as it leaves the front roller. The fiber strand epinning then proceeds to two air jets arranged directly after the drafting arrangement. Diagram of Air Jet Spinning.

These edge fibers exhibit relatively few turns of twist in the same direction as the falsetwisted core fibers or can even be slightly twisted in the opposite direction.

Mazharul Islam Kiron is a textile consultant and researcher on online business promotion.

As shown in a draw frame sliver fed from a can is passed to a drafting arrangementwhere it is attenuated by a draft in the range of – It is air jet spinning pdf download platform to express your knowledge throughout the world. Stalder demonstrates this twisting procedure. Diwnload pressures applied to the jets are such that jet 2 has the higher twisting vortex.

As the strand runs through the second jet, pdt following occurs. The second jet is the actual false-twist element. Students, teachers and professionals can publish your article here. A twist diagram prepared by Dr. LinkedIn Facebook Air jet spinning pdf download Plus. Although the jets impart a false twist, while doing so they do not have a positive hold on the ribbon being twisted.

Sspinning is partly ensured by causing the strand to emerge from the nip line in a broadly spread form, but mainly by generating in the air jet spinning pdf download jet a vortex with an opposite jef of rotation to the vortex in the second jet.

This first vortex is in fact weaker in intensity than the second and cannot really affect the core fibers, but can grasp the edge fibers projecting from the strand at one end.

Air Jet Spinning of Cotton Yarns | Yarn | Spinning (Textiles)

Spinning positions per machine The two nozzle air-jet spinning system represents a very interesting process, which has already been introduced into pdg operation with some success.

The nozzles of the first jet are set to give a counter-clockwise vortex producing a Z—S false-twist action; the second jet gives an S—Z false-twist action.

Since the axial forces are very low during this rotation, only low tensions arise in the yarn. The compressed air reaches the speed of sound when entering the central canal of the false-twist element.

The core fibers, i. Since the first vortex acts against the twist direction generated by the second jet, it prevents the edge fibers from being twisted into the core or even twists them in the opposite direction around the core fibers. The edge fibers which air jet spinning pdf download bind the yarn together by becoming wrapping fibers are in a minority. The turns of twist generated by the jet are canceled in accordance with the falsetwist law.

The resulting bundled staple-fiber air jet spinning pdf download passes from the take-off rollers through a yarn-suction device and an electronic yarn clearer before being wound onto a cross-wound package.