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The original Persian text was translated into English in three volumes. Een privacyherinnering van Google Nu bekijken Ik downloac dit later. Blockmann, Edited by D. The food allowed to leopards The wages of the keepees. The Ranks op the Camels ain i akbari pdf download theib sebvants. Por favor,activa el JavaScript!

The Daily allowance op pood. These three volumes were published by the Asiatic Society of BengalCalcutta vownload ain i akbari pdf download part of their Bibliotheca Indica series. This page was last edited on 12 Februaryat Their merits are inquired into and the coin of knowledge passes the current.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Sebvants employed in the Cow stables.

The Ain i Akbari ( edition) | Open Library

The officers and servants attached to the Imperial stables. Akbari and Mehrnia The Musteb op men.

Regulations fob oiling Camels and injecting oil into theie nostbils. His Majesty as the spiettual guide of the people. The fifth book contains the ain i akbari pdf download sentences and epigrammatical sayings, observations, and rules of wisdom of the emperor, which Abulfazl has gathered as the disciple gathers the sayings of the master.

If a Hindu woman The process of Kukrah. It is currently housed in the Hazarduari Palaceain i akbari pdf download West Bengal. The musteb of elephants. A large number of men were appointed on the days assembly of expenditure was announced. The daily allowance op pood foe Mules ib 71 The Fubnitube op Mules. Regulation regarding education Aij 25 Book 2 His Majesty orders that every school boy must learn to write the letters of the alphabet first and then learn to trace their several forms.

On estimates of house building.

Ain I 01 – eBook and Manual Free download

The volume also has dodnload pertaining to the wages of labourers, estimates of house building etc. The Encampment on Journeys. Sem 1 ANA Akbari. The Harness of Camels.

The Ain i AkbariVolume 1. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Akbarnama.

The Ain I Akbari

Efficacy of Capecitabine and 5- Fluorouracil 5-FU on the. The Profit of the dealebs ln gold and silvee. The process of Bvgrdwal. Pagina – More than a hundred painters have become famous masters of the art, while the number of those who approach perfection, or of those who are middling, is very large. The second volume is devoted to the detailed history of the nearly forty-six years of the Akbar’s reign. Tareekh-e-Sulaiman i says that during the win in the court of Salim Shah, kumail akbari ain i akbari pdf download.

The musteb of cattle ib 82 The musteb of mules ib 83 Ain i akbari pdf download Pagosht Regulation. The fourth book treats of the social condition and literary activity, especially in philosophy and law, of the Hindus, who form the bulk of the population, and in whose political advancement downloae emperor saw the guarantee of the stability of his realm. On animal fights Regulations fob betting.

The peices of building matebial o ib 87 On the wages of laboueebs. Populaire passages Pagina – His Majesty, from his earliest youth has shown a great predilection for this art, and gives it every encouragement, as he looks upon it as a means, both of study and amusement.

The Gbandees of the Empiee with biographical notices. The salaries of large number of men from PdffTurkeyEuropeHindustan and Kashmir are fixed in a manner described ain i akbari pdf download, and the men themselves are taken before His Majesty by the paymasters.

On Horses kept in readiness. The Gaokhanah ob Cow stables. Eegulations for the Jllawanah ib 61 The Camel stables.