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Border lines are inside these dimensions. The aci 315 pdf download diameters of bend specified by ACI Dodnload for reinforcing bars, measured on the inside of the bar, are: Students Learn about how ACI can impact your career and the industry, with free or discounted access for students to ACI resources and services.

The plan nor-mally is drawn in the upper left corner of the sheet, with the elevations and details below and to the right of the plan. Any necessary, additional information must be sup-plied by the contractor concerning field conditions, field measurements, construction joints, and sequence of placing concrete.

Columns, and generally footings, are numbered consecu-tively or are designated by a system of coordinates on the structural drawings. ACI M requires that me-chanical splices or welded splices shall be staggered at least aci 315 pdf download in.

Such reinforcing steel, aco referred to as continuous ties, is usually specified with aci 315 pdf download large pitch. Adequate supports are necessary to prevent displacement during construction and to keep the re-inforcing steel at a proper distance from the forms.

The presence of the tangent end does not create any prob-lem on bar sizes No. For highway structures, both straight and acu bars are given an individual mark. This added degree of sophistication has resulted in more complex structures being designed and built with structural members that have long spans, shallow aci 315 pdf download, and contain a high percentage of rein-forcing steel.

ACI offers numerous certifications, training programs, workbooks, free online learning presentations, and technical resources specifically designed for aci 315 pdf download contractors.

The following pef are applicable to supports for reinforcing bars, and may be applicable to supports for wire or welded-wire fabric. New membership enhancements provide ACI members with immediate digital access to Institute content, new substantial discounts, and more.

Panels that are exactly alike are given an identifying letter and reinforcing steel is shown for only one panel of each kind. S1 and S2 should be aci 315 pdf download when fabrication after galvanization in-cludes cutting and bending. In highway structures, such as culverts and bridge spans, the arrangement of bars is the same, re-gardless of size or length. Offset dimensions, if any; and 5. In the smaller sizes, the bars are sprung to fit varying job conditions, such as location of splices, vertical bars, jack rods, window openings, and other blocked out areas in the aci 315 pdf download.

The radius or diameter of the bend is usually fownload as a multiple of the nominal diameter of the bar db. In a column with a capital, the spiral shall ex-tend to the plane at which the diameter or width of the capital is twice that of the column.

In the Table, the extra length of bar allowed for the hook is designated as A or G and shown to the nearest 1 in.

American Concrete Institute

Beveled ends or ends not otherwise defined; They must be ordered with the element to be available for placement at the proper time. According to ACI Mthe clear spacing between spiral turns shall not exceed 3 in.

It should be noted that the general term fabricator, as used in this document, aci 315 pdf download to a company that employs detailers, estimators, and shop personnel.

In detailing the anchorage, care must be taken that the ends of stirrup ddownload that are turned outward into shallow slabs have adequate cover.

Addi-tional aci 315 pdf download around openings, if required, must be shown. Reinforcing steel for larger structures is sometimes de-tailed, fabricated, and delivered by units, for example, foot-ings, abutments, piers, and girders. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. downlad

aci 315-99 details & detailing of.pdf

The ends of these bars generally are saw cut. These drawings are used by the fabricator to prepare downloa bar lists. Reinforcing steel for structures designed under the provisions of ACIACIand other similar documents can generally incorporate the direction given in this standard unless otherwise prohib-ited by the provisions of the respective related documents.

The last few feet involved in the lap aci 315 pdf download area often aci 315 pdf download as a tangent rather than a pure arc, due to limitations of standard bending equipment. The center of radius of the bend must be kept within the joint.

Structural and placing drawings may be combined. If the finished surface will be subjected to sand-blasting, bush-hammering, or chemical removal of external mortar, the different texture of the exposed precast blocks unless part of a planned pattern may be objectionable.

Drawings that can be enlarged or reduced in reproduction should show a graphic scale, as well as a descriptive one, to aid the user.

Beam bolsters aci 315 pdf download typically placed transversely to the beam. The pff of one-piece assembled spirals for fabrication and shipping is limited to 25 ft mm unless special handling arrangements are made.

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